General Spectator Information

Ticket Prices

Preliminaries Tickets: $6.00
Finals Tickets: $8.00
Heat Sheets: $4.00

All-session passes cover the price of both admission and heat sheets for all sessions.

Purchasing Tickets

All-session passes were sold in advance through the competing schools and will not be available for sale on-site at the meet.

Single-session tickets and heat sheets will be sold on site on a first-come, first-served basis. The seating capacity for the Longnecker Pool balcony is 300. If this capacity is reached for any session, no further tickets will be sold for that session.

Rules for Admission and Spectator Queuing

The spectators' entrance to the PLC will be clearly marked and signs will guide you to the ticket counter and the spectator waiting area in the Intramural (IM) Room, which is just down the hall from the ticket counter. You are welcome to wait elsewhere in the PLC or the Student Union (or some other location on or off campus), but be aware that spectators must report to the IM Room 15 minutes before the doors open in order to queue up for admission. Queuing in the hallway outside the pool balcony itself will not be permitted. Except for spectators with disabilities, all spectators must follow this procedure, including spectators who hold all-session passes.

For Friday and Saturday finals sessions, all spectators will receive a number, showing the order in which they will be admitted to the balcony. All-session pass holders will receive their numbers for each evening's finals session when they are admitted for that morning's preliminaries session. Single-session ticket buyers will be issued numbers in the IM Room on a first-come, first-served basis on Friday afternoon beginning at 4:00 and on Saturday afternoon beginning at 3:30.

In the event that the Longnecker Pool balcony reaches capacity, overflow seating with a direct video feed will be available free of charge in the balcony of the Recreational Pool. Any family members in the overflow seating area who have an athlete competing -- up to a maximum of four spectators per athlete -- will be admitted into the Longnecker Pool balcony for the duration of their athlete's event.

For a complete schedule of admission and queuing times, please see here.

Results and Concessions

During the meet, printed results for each event will be posted in the hallway between the two balconies.

The concession stand will be open from 5:00-9:00 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, and from 12:45-9:00 p.m. on Saturday. Food and drink are permitted in the balconies; metal and glass containers, however, are not.

Spectator Etiquette

Saving of seats is not permitted in the Longnecker Pool balcony.

The pool deck and the "wet hallway" leading to the deck will be strictly off limits to spectators.

Flash photography is prohibited at the beginning of races, from the time the referee blows the whistle until after the swimmers have left the blocks.

Spectators will not be permitted to sit on the floor beside the railings at the front of the Longnecker Pool balcony.

2017 PAC Championships