Meet Information

Competing Institutions

Grove City
Saint Vincent
Washington and Jefferson

Note: The 2017 PAC Championships is the first conference championship since at least the 1980s in which no teams from outside the PAC will be competing. From 1991 through 2016, a varying number of non-PAC teams were invited to compete as part of the PAC championship meet. Beginning in 2007, all teams from the Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference (AMCC) were invited to the meet and that conference held its championship meet as part of the same meet with PAC championship. In 2017, the AMCC is holding its first stand-alone championship meet at Penn State Behrend in Erie, and only teams representing PAC institutions will be competing in the PAC championship meet.


Individual events will be scored to 16 places, as follows:
Championship Final: 20-17-16-15-14-13-12-11
Consolation Final: 9-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Relay events will be scored as follows:
Championship Final: 40-34-32-30-28-26-24-22
Consolation Final: 18-14

Meet Format

The order of events will follow the Three-Day Program Without Platform Diving, Option 1 (as described in the NCAA Rulebook), with some modifications in the placement of diving events. The 1650 freestyle is a timed-final event. All but the fastest-seeded heats will be swum at the end of the Saturday preliminaries session (prior to the diving events), with heats alternating by gender. The fastest-seeded heats will be swum as the opening events of the Saturday finals session. For a complete listing of events, see here.

Number of Competitors

Each team is permitted to enter a maximum of 18 competitors in the meet. An athlete who swims will be counted as one full competitor; an athlete who only dives will be counted as one-third of a competitor. For relays, actual participation in preliminaries and/or finals of an event is counted toward the maximum of 18 competitors.

Exhibition Athletes

Teams may enter an athlete as an exhibition swimmer and/or diver in any individual event. Exhibition swimmers/divers will only be eligible to compete in the preliminaries. They are not counted toward a team's maximum of 18 competitors.

Number of Events

A competitor is permitted to participate in a maximum of seven (7) events, of which no more than three (3) may be individual events. Actual participation in preliminaries and/or finals of a relay event is counted toward the maximum number of events; participation in exhibition or time-trial events is not.

Entry Limits

For individual events, teams are not limited as to the number of competitors that may be entered. For relay events, teams may enter two relays in the preliminaries but may advance only one to the finals. If a team's "B" relay is disqualified in the preliminaries, the team may still advance a relay to the finals, but no members of the "B" relay may swim the event in the finals. If a team's "A" relay is disqualified in the preliminaries, the team may not advance any relay to the finals in that event.

2017 PAC Championships